Moroccan Decor tips

/ June 29, 2016/ Home Decoration Tips

Moroccan decor has certainly become more and more of a favorite style of home owners. Because it brings color, personality, and style to the space. It’s known for its rich, luxurious, extravagant, and exotic style – all that make it a favorite of many interior designers. 

Here are some tips:

  • Lighting – is an important component of Moroccan decor; lamps, scones, lanterns, and even Christmas lights can light up your space! If you’d like a cheaper option, try adding plenty of candles.

  • Bold color choices – Try using brilliant colors such as reds, oranges, blues, and greens with a neutral background. This means that you can leave your walls white, beige, tan of whatever they come in. It’ll be perfect. This design style is also great for  renters, because all you need to do is change the interior and not the architecture of the house. So if you not ready to paint, go ahead and just add those bold colors in with pillows, rugs, throws, accents, and everything else.

  • Textiles – use Moroccan fabrics, such as silks, tulle, and other gauzy materials to really plush the space up for a luxurious feel. Want to know a tip? Try to layer things. Think layers, layers, and more layers. This is really the most fun part; you can mix different patterns and colors to achieve that look. You can even go to a fabric store and just drape a few yards of a fabric material you love, over a chair or furniture piece.


  • Tiles and mosaics – create your own DIY fireplace tile by painting tile or just using different leftover tiles to create a unique pattern. Try and focus on geometric patterns.

  • Metal – My favorite part! You can use different metal pieces as intricate decorative accessories. Maybe some unique pieces that you picked-up at a garage sale, at goodwill or some vintage store. “Metal mirrors, vases, lanterns, kettles and trays are just a few of the traditional hand-crafted metal items that adorn Moroccan interiors” (see more here).


Honestly though, Moroccan can’t be an easier design style to achieve. It’s all about mixing colors and patterns for a fun, vibrant, exotic feel and look.

You can also check out my Pinterest board called “Moroccan Decor” for tips and ideas on how to style. It’s easy! And fun! So why not give it a try, with Moroccan design, you can almost never go wrong. Just have fun with it and see how it transforms your space into something extravagant!

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