Meet the Decorator

Hanna has always been passionate about designing

Beginning at the age of 12, she decided that

designing was what she wanted to do,

and from there on she pursued her goal.

Hanna graduated from

The Institute of Interior Design in 2013.

Also having traveled since young,

her style is influenced from different

cultures, art styles', fashion, and


Today, her main job is interior design consultation,

home decorating,

and creating online inspiration boards for

clients; helping them bring a little of their culture

into their home.


Hanna explains her style below:

"Designing is in my blood, I've always loved it. When I really started to get serious about it, I fell in love with Modernism. I enjoyed how clean lines, and bright neutral colors work together and turns into a showcase of luxury. It's just something I passionately feel MY main style is. Now, as my style has grown from traveling around the World, I would say that I've adopted an "international" style. If its Italy, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, or even India; I think that culture has a lot to do with who I am. Traveling since young, I feel that the world has become a part of who I am, apart of what makes me the designer/decorator I am today. Today, I absolutely love to work with clients in order to help them find their sense of style and bring a little bit of the world into their space. For example, I'd take their front foyer and make it look like they are stepping into Africa. 
I'm also a big fan of anything new and high-tech, from transparent TV's to iPads on fridges. Because I think why not bring gadgets into our everyday life at home? I love working with recycled materials, but also love to recycle things myself in order to create something entirely different, new, and amazing."
- Hanna E. Gold
"I don't see my life as work. I see it as a never-ending beautification project"