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We offer a number of services to fit your needs! Whether your on a budget, or just want a gorgeous home, our flat rate prices make our designs available to everyone! We offer color consultations, room layouts, entire room designs, and more more...! Int'l Design strives to get you the design, space, and/or style you want. We specialize in creating interior rooms designed with culturally concepts. So, if you'd like to have an Asian or South American room design, you've come to the right place. With our Online and In-Home Design Services', the choice is yours!

In-Home Design Service(s)

One-Time Consultation - $225 (3 hours max.) 

This is a great way to start of in having your space designed and decorated by someone who knows what she is doing and loves doing it. Hanna will be able to discuss several things with you; what you had in mind for the space, and what Hanna's creativity can bring to the space, in making it functional and a place you'll love being in. This is also a perfect way in getting to know her, before further hiring her to do the complete design in your space or home.  


  • Initial meeting: Getting to know the potential client 
  • Discussing in detail all the specific needs and wants of the client, addressing any problems in the space, as well as what the client has in mind concerning budget. 
  • Identifying the clients "vision" for the space(s) 
  • Determining timeline for project (which is up to the client) 
  • And a formal report of design proposal including the scope of work needed, and design fee's associated with the project: if hired. 

Payment can be given at visit, will take cash or check made out to Hanna E. Gold



Online Design Service(s)



Hanna's Design Service Fee - $950 one-time, flat rate for each space/room 

If you're looking to redesigning or updating your space, but do not know where to start? Hanna can help. She will incorporate what you have in mind; with her creative ideas and her love for colors or neutrals; to achieve your dream space, all within your budget. It includes a complete design process, from a space you might have imagined but could not complete, to a room, bathroom, kitchen, office etc., that you cannot stay away from. Hanna will take care of everything - designing, measuring, ordering, delivery and installation. 


  • Complete design from start to finish 
  • Designing/Drafting 
  • Installation time, time spent shopping (with budget in mind), commuting between places, phone/text/email conversations with client, cleaning of designed space afterwards, and researching for the best resources. 
  • Documentation of the design: style boards, scope of work, and general notes of things discussed with the client 
  • One or two additional meetings 
  • For projects with DIY's; digital or printable instructions to be provided along with personal advice and help if needed. 
  • A collection of all the color swatches, and detailed measurements. 
  • A copy of the Letter of Agreement signed 
  • Excluding costs of furnishings, materials, paint, accents, or hired contractor – all of which will be included in the client's budget for the project 

 50% of payment to be given prior to service, and 50% after design project completed