Biography of Hanna E. Gold


  • Hanna completed and received a diploma of Professional Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute, based in San Francisco, CA. 
  • Work experience in the field of customer service and merchandising for over 3+ years.
  • Knowledge and expertise in fine arts, and design styles (rococo, vintage-glam, traditional, modern, etc. )
  • Excels in juggling multiple tasks, staying focused, organized, and most importantly commits herself to a project from start to finish.
  • Travel and culture expert (having traveled over 30+ countries worldwide)
  • Hanna has had 2+ years of experience in advising clients on their home decorations, designs, and room themes.
  • She enjoys helping the client find their “special style” and how to display it creatively in their home. 
  • Hanna is very passionate about expressing color throughout life, and immensely enjoys creating rooms that are inspired by different cultures of the World.

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 Landscape Design

Client Landscape Collage



Girl/Teen Bedroom

Client Bedroom Collage



Hong Kong Apartment

Hong Kong Apartment Collage




Sample Boards Created